The Last Month at Brentwood

Wednesday, May 22, 2019 - By: Ameera E, Allard ‘19; Photo by Hannah P, Mack '19

As the year is nearing a close, Brentwood Grads are preparing for their last exams, last moments with friends, and last memories that they will carry with them forever. This time of the year can be both very exciting, as summer and hot weather is nearing, but also sad, as Grads and some one-year international students prepare to leave these Brentwood gates, onto the next stage of their journeys. 

Grade 12 Brentwood student, Lindsey P observed: “This year, and my experience at Brentwood as a whole, from the time I got here in Grade 10, has been an incredible one in which I have not only learned to grow, but have found my passions and aspirations.” Many Grads can relate to this feeling, as we are getting ready for university and adulthood, preparing to take what we have learned in our classrooms, from our teachers and from one another, and apply that to our future. 

These next month will consist of hard work, lots of studying, and perhaps some crying, but will also consist of final memories with the Brentwood family through the many Grad events, open houses, and uptown adventures to come. 

Each house has its own unique traditions to celebrate this last term together. In Allard, we host an end-of-year dinner in which Brentwood’s motto of “From Hand to Hand” is symbolized as the Grade 12s hand down a literal torch to the hands of our Grade 11 mermaids. Because, after all, as the Grade 12s leave, a new group of leaders and prefects take over, and the Brentwood traditions live on.

As students are preparing to say farewell to their friends, teachers and houseparents, to say goodbye to the beautiful sunrises every morning, and the view of Mt Baker, we must remember that Brentwood will always be a home, a community and a family, from the moment you step through these gates, and even when you leave them for the last time.

Ameera E, Allard ‘19

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