The Kiwi Special

Wednesday, September 04, 2019 - By: Jack NG, Ellis ‘21

From the moment I touched down in Wellington, New Zealand, I knew this was going to be an experience of a lifetime. In the days leading up to the start of term, my host family, and the family with which I was exchanging - the Farrells - took me in and welcomed me into their home, their city, and this wonderful country.

After four days of exploring the nation’s capital, watching an All Blacks test match vs the South African Springboks, and searching for kiwis at the Wellington Zoo - unsuccessfully, I might add - I was driven through the gates of Scots College, not knowing the impact that this place would have on me.
My first week of settling in was made easier than expected thanks to the duty staff, teachers, coaches and especially the boys around me. I am so appreciative to have been included in a range of extra-curricular activities: joining the Strathmore Singers including performances in Whanganui, training with the 65kg rugby squad and the 1st/2nd XI football teams, playing interhouse basketball, and capturing a league title with the Year 11 social football team. These opportunities meant that Scots quickly started to feel like a second home.
A return home to Canada just before midterm left me too many thank yous to say, and not enough time to say them, so I wanted to extend my greatest appreciation to everyone who made this a possibility for me. From Mr Philip Smith, my math teacher and rugby coach here at Brentwood College - and a former teacher and coach at Scots who arranged this exchange - to the entire international office team, I owe you all endlessly, and could not have asked for a more enjoyable exchange.

Thank you to Mr and Mrs Henly-Smith who helped me throughout my time in the boarding house, Mr Sinnamon who led me into the Mackenzie House community, Mr Patterson for the singing, and Mr Capstick who got my extracurriculars sorted, while keeping me engaged in lengthy chats about football during prep.

Most of all, thank you to the boys who made my time in New Zealand so memorable and unbelievably special. I hope to hear great things from you all, and to see some of you over on Vancouver Island in the coming years!

Kia ora, and good luck everyone!
Jack NG, Ellis ‘21

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