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Friday, November 08, 2019 - By: Book P, Privett ‘20

As the new year begins, the Brentwood Jazz Band has been working as hard as ever to integrate both returning and new musicians. Taking our instruments and skills into account, Mr Newns, our band instructor, worked hard all summer to prepare songs that would suit our group. Currently, we are working on “All In For The Blues” - a fast tempo and bluely style piece; “Birk’s Work” - a middle tempo composition with swing style; and “Big Time” - a funky styled song.

Mr Newns said "The band has got a lot of potential. Obviously there are a lot of things to work on, such as not being too self-indulgent but listening and being aware of others. Compared to last year, we are already in a good position."

Right now, we are currently working our way towards Concert for A Winter’s Eve for the whole school.
Our final goal, however, is even further than that. We plan on participating in the West Coast Jazz Festival in Nanaimo later in the year. This festival is a provincial-level competition in which jazz, wind, rock, and string ensembles participate. Competitors are judged based on their quality of performance from Bronze, Silver to Gold.  

What’s more? The participating ensemble could also earn an invitation to MusicFest Canada, the nationals, where school bands from all over the country participate.     

Last year, our Jazz and Rock Bands travelled to Ottawa to participate in the Nationals -  the location of which changes every year. In addition to being a very enjoyable trip where we performed to the best of our abilities, MusicFest Canada also hosted university bands that we could observe and learn from. “I was very proud of our band’s achievement at the festival and those university showcase bands were great eye-opening experiences” said our Assistant Head Prefect for the Arts, Ben R, Ellis ’20.

Our group features six saxophones, two trombones, four trumpets and one each for our rhythm section including piano, guitar, bass, drum, and a vibraphone. Hayley J, Hope '20, our Jazz Band Captain, exclaimed “I think we have a great band this year and I am looking towards what we will be able to accomplish!”

Book P, Privett ‘20

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