The IT Crowd

Tuesday, August 21, 2018 - By: Ash M ‘20; Photo by Paul Fletcher

The Information Technology Committee usually meets every other Tuesday, when the Heads of IT remember, or think of something to talk about, that is. Noey T, Hope ‘18 and Finn B, Whittall ‘18 are both in charge of keeping the rest of the IT Reps in line - most of the time. Most of the time they want the members to do internet mappings of the house, finding out where the weaknesses and the strengths of the wifi are. Each house has at least one senior IT prefect and one junior. Sometimes Mr Lee joins us and talks about firewalls, and how to strengthen the wifi when there are so many Fortnite players on campus using up all the data. 

On May 25th, the IT group met in the Livingston room to discuss the upcoming gaming tournament on Sunday the 27th. The tournament had been an idea in process for a long time, but finally it was going to happen. Because it was an Arts day, most of the people were unable to attend until 6pm. Brandon R, Rogers ‘19, who was in charge of the gaming tournament, had to find volunteers who would keep an eye on the games while people were playing in case something went wrong. 

IT 2018 - keeping the bytes moving.

Ash M ‘20

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