The Inevitable Fall

Monday, January 01, 2018 - By: Derek H, Privett ‘21; Photo by Paul Fletcher

The following is the 2017 Grade 9 winner of the Serup Poetry Competition.

A man walked through the citadel,

And through the city strode.

His staff and robes glistened like hell,

To take what he was owed.

Guards defended without avail,

He didn’t give lament.

The demon knew he could prevail,

With sword in hand he went.

He rushed the gate with all his might,

Blood painted the cold ground.

The castle was to fall tonight,

For he was to be crowned.

Fore the king he stood in glory,

He had reached him at last.

“This is the end of your story,

For I have been steadfast.

“With this sword of power I hold,

The old king has to die.

For I rule the kingdom of old

And now you must comply.

“For this kingdom in hell will die;

I shall live eternal.

You will never embrace the sky;

You are now infernal.”

Death loomed o’er the citadel,

And through the city strode.

His great spirit glistened like hell,

To take what it was owed

Guards defended without avail,

They didn’t give lament.

The spirit knew it could prevail,

With pain in hand it went.

Derek H, Privett ‘21

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