The Importance of Art

Sunday, December 09, 2018 - By: Noah H, Privett ‘19

Art is a subject that has been taught around the world for thousands of years, and it is built into many school systems around the world. It has been proven to relieve stress and calm the mind, and is very important for developing brains. Many schools offer multiple arts, such as drawing, painting, woodwork, and photography. At Brentwood the students have a choice of over 30 different arts. And I believe that the abundance of arts offered contributes to the positive learning environment here.

I asked Mrs. Mannion, who is the our wonderful drawing and painting teacher“What is the importance of art to you?” She responded “When one creates a work of art, one is alway faced with turning ‘nothing’ into ‘something’. In this way making art is training the ability to follow through from a vision inside one's mind/heart to a physical reality in the world - be that a new business idea, a scientific invention, or a feat of engineering - that goes beyond what we think is possible.”

At Brentwood it is mandatory to take at least two arts. This way all students have the opportunity to express their artistic side through a wide variety of courses. I believe many schools lack this component, or at least lack the variety that Brentwood offers. 

On the Thursday of American Thanksgiving, the school hosted the first art show of the year. All houses had a chance to take a walk through the beautiful art that was hung throughout the Gallery. It was a lovely chance for students to show off the pieces that they had invested so much time and energy in. 

By creating art we remind ourselves about the beauty that surrounds us.

Noah H, Privett ‘19

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