The Hector Mackintosh

Monday, May 19, 2014 - By: Zeeshan A, Ellis ‘15

Brentwood took six rising stars to Cowichan High to participate in the Hector Mackintosh speaking competition. The six students, Nick M, Esmé S, Z Ahmed, Will M, Toria E and Liam B, were led by the dangerous duo of Mr. Bryant and Ms. MacInnis. After receiving their pep talk from Mr. Bryant, the brave souls competed against some of the most talented public speakers to ever grace the Island. The students presented one by one, each one giving their best performances to date.

It was evident the day was going to be long and tough, but the first aid kit Mr. Bryant was carrying was reassuring. 

The juniors were the first to present and they embodied everything Brentwood is about, grit and joy, ranging from Will M’s salutation to the chair to Liam B opening the competition. The judges were hard to please, but our students tried their hardest. Nick M made a lasting impression when he tried to rearrange the alphabet. In fact, he was so good that the organizer of the event was shocked when he didn’t make it to the final; however he was specially invited to speak at another occasion by the organizer. 

On the other hand, Esmé was one of the last to present, but her speech brought tears to the eyes of the audience members. Her topic on life itself was so touching that the judges saw fit to select her along with two other participants to move on to the final round where she will have to present a new speech.

After sitting through many speeches, the students and their coaches were understandably tired; however they couldn’t rest until they had dinner in Valhalla (in this case Subway). With their sandwiches made, this group of public speakers boarded the bus and made their way back to Brentwood. 

The bus ride itself was uneventful except for some interesting conversations between the coaches and their protégés regarding campus life. When the students reached campus they were already fantasizing about sleeping, but they made sure to thank their coaches for putting in all the hard work behind the scenes because without them none of this would have been possible.

Zeeshan A, Ellis ‘15

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