The Head of School's Address to the Graduating Class – Closing 2014

Saturday, July 12, 2014 - By: Mr. Bud Patel, Head of School

Good Morning and welcome to Campbell Common.

As any good geographer knows, June 21st is summer solstice, the first day of summer and the longest day of sunshine for us in the northern hemisphere. How appropriate it is then that we bid farewell to the graduates of 2014 on our sun-drenched campus.

We extend a warm welcome to some special guests: 

Chair of the Board of Governors and Old Brentonian, Mr. Bruce Carlson, Hope House 1964

Former Head of School, Mrs. Andrea Pennells

Emeritus Faculty members – Mrs. Sarah Mais, Mr. Gerry Pennells, Mr. John Queen, Mr. Tony Carr and his wife Yvonne.

Old Brentonian President, Mr. Grant Gillies, Rogers House 1981

Finally, a warm welcome to parents, family, and friends of this year’s graduating class.

While Mr. Rodriguez will take you through the major highlights of the year, I want to personally recognize, on behalf of everyone here, the incredible work of our faculty and staff. They have truly gone above and beyond to shepherd these fine young people to heights even they did not see 10 months ago. Brentwood would not work without the dedication and passion of these exceptional colleagues. Please join me in congratulating these mentors and role models.

As a school, we are extremely proud to push off our shores 135 unique individuals. While we are saddened by your departure, we congratulate you and look forward to your return as Brentwood alum.

This year we revised our Principles of Community to include the following words: Respect, Education, Responsibility, Effort, Generosity & Integrity.

These words are in the DNA of this year’s grads. They are inclusive and supportive. They are imaginative and creative. They are determined and resilient. They are humble and honourable. And perhaps most importantly, they are positive and kind.

They have done everything asked of them, and conducted themselves with grace and dignity. For that, I want to personally thank them.

In a moment, you will walk across this stage to become Old Brentonians. Take time during that moment to reflect on the people that have supported you through your journey. Your parents, your family, your friends, your peers, and your teachers – it has taken a community to raise that child to become the global citizen we will see before us.

Before I invite Mr. Rodrigues, Director of University Counseling, to introduce this year's graduating class, I want to commend him and his team for literally doing whatever it takes – from late night application preparation to last minute stamp licking – this team has provided the best chance for our students to shine. Your commitment, Rick, is not only impressive but means so much to us all.

Graduates of 2014, go forth with the knowledge of a job well done and take your diverse and immense talents to the rest of the globe because, frankly, the world needs more citizens like you.

Brentwood, I know, will always be in your soul and we will be sure to pass the torch, your legacy, to the next generation – De Manu In Manum.

Thank you, Bud Patel, Head of School

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