The Halls of Blue - Privett House

Wednesday, September 02, 2015 -

The Halls of Blue will soon become peaceful as Privett celebrates another successful year. Living in a house with 68 boys might sound unappealing to some, but it has provided many of my fondest memories. Like a family, we have created lifelong relationships and become part of a unique brotherhood within the BEST house. Memories aside, our development and growth since arriving have been exponential. Witnessing the boys warmly welcoming each other to their new home and quickly creating robust bonds has been a great experience. Sadly, my time in Privett is over. I am reluctant to say goodbye to my home of brothers. Of course, the house wouldn’t have made it through the year without a strong foundation. I would like to thank our loving houseparents, Mr. Neufeld and Mr. Doehler, as well our ever-resilient duty staff, Mr. Ganley, Mr. Collis, Mrs. Quinton, Mr. Rodriguez, Mr. Ayre, and, of course, our beloved Melita. Bleed Blue forever. Ian Standish, House Captain

Like many of the best houses, Privett has a roof. This is not what makes us special. This year the boys of  Privett proved themselves to be not merely mono-dimensional academic savants, but also adroit in the arts. Excelling in Brentwood’s superb fine arts, Privett earned countless coveted golden goblets and displayed their more poetic selves in drawing and painting, pottery, blog, and debate. When we dexterous bunch were not delivering grammy-winning performances in the Bunch or perfecting our aerial pikes as part of our circus troop, we were on the field, personifying Heisman Trophy winning bears. Circumlocution aside, even though we have displayed our talent, this is inconsequential. We have a roof, but it is what is under that roof that matters. Packed within the four long corridors are a group of brothers, welded together by friendship, experience, and love. We are more than a team & more than a collection of individuals. We are together through it all. We are Privett. Toby Collis Handford

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