The Golden Game

Friday, March 18, 2016 - By: Lanny L, Ellis ’18 and Lauchlan M, Privett ’18; Photo by Tom Shadlock

Ever since the dawn of time the rivalry between Brentwood and Shawnigan has fueled generations of Brentonians with determination as they try to emerge victorious in the everlasting struggle. Brentwood’s most recent chance to prove dominance over our local rival came in the form of a Junior Boys Rugby game on April, 19th 2016. 


The boys had been preparing for this game. 


Coming short of a win a few weeks back, the boys had been training and were ready to take on their rivals once again. With recent wins against SMUS, Vanier, and St. George’s, the boys were gaining speed and confidence as they came out guns a blazin’ for the match of a century. 


The game commenced. 


Shawnigan showed dominance near the start by taking an early 7-0 lead but couldn’t keep it for long. Sion G, Ellis ’18, the human cyborg, responded immediately by breaking through Shawnigan’s defence and he tied the heated game 7-7. Fate teeter tottered back and forth, a few tries here and there from Olamide O, Privett ’18 and once again Sion and the game was kept within one try. 


Near the end of the second half our Captain, Jose G, Privett ’18 broke through the line like a stampeding Mexican rhinoceros and gave Brentwood its first lead, 35-28. Unfortunately, riding high on this achievement the boys became lackadaisical and let their guard down for just enough time to allow Shawnigan to score two quick tries: 40-35. 


This did not discourage us, it ignited our flame. With the game drawing near an end, the boys crashed down the field inch by inch, foot by foot, until Matt MP, Rogers ’19 spotted a weak link in the defence and dashed to the try-zone. All that was needed was a single conversion. Jose the NFL star-like kicker stabbed the dagger into Shawnigan’s heart as the game concluded with a final score of 42-40. 


Blood and sweat were shed from every player to achieve our goal. 


Now refocused, the boys are training on for the next matchup.With wins against SMUS, Vanier, St. George’s and now Shawnigan, the Jr. Rugby boys are confident and eager to take on whatever lies in our path in the near future.


Lanny L, Ellis ’18 and Lauchlan M, Privett ’18 

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