The Goal in Sight

Saturday, November 28, 2020 - By: Esther S, Alex ‘22

After waiting for my Visa for over eight months, three weeks ago, the news finally came. I know I'm not the only student who has been anticipating the day where they finally get to start their journey, in whichever direction this might be or might have been. I know there are still many students sitting at home waiting for their Visas - Hang in there.

For as long as I can remember, I've always wanted to come to Canada and experience an adventure, but then Covid came into our lives and turned everything around. I was already almost all packed up and ready to go, right before school started in BC. The only thing left was the Visa I had to get. Usually, it takes Canada's government only a few weeks to get you your Visa to let you into the country. I had high hopes, but this wasn't the case.

So I went to school in Germany, totally bummed that I wasn't in Canada and I had to attend the school I've gone to for so long. I was ready to live an adventure.

When I finally got my Visa, three weeks ago, I stopped breathing for a moment; I got so excited. I booked a flight and came as fast as I could. Leaving everything behind all of a sudden from one day to the other was indeed a bit scary and overwhelming, but I was so excited to  finally start living my dream. I arrived with Vlad from Russia, who was just as excited to come here. “We finally made it” he said to me when we arrived. The teachers were also anticipating our arrival. “There are still so many students who are coming in January who have been waiting for their Visas” observed Mr Clayton Johnston, Brentwood’s Director of Admissions

After the 24 hour journey, I finally made it to the hotel, where I had to quarantine for two weeks. It was an experience I thought I would never have to do, but there I was in a hotel room by myself. It wasn't as bad as I had thought; in the end it was actually quite relaxing.

When I finally came to Brentwood, I felt so many emotions all at once. But mainly I was so happy to finally have made it!

I will tell you more about it in two weeks when my next log is due. :-)

Esther S, Alex ‘22

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