The Fiercest Competition

Saturday, June 02, 2018 - By: Sarah R, Mackenzie ‘20; Photo by Jim Ganley, Privett ‘34

At assembly last week, Mr Patel highlighted the prevalence of the elements of competition in all aspects of the school. Nothing, however, captures the friendly but fierce competition amongst students better than interhouse events. Interhouse challenges include all types of arts and sports, as well as events such as energy-saving week and trivia contests, but on Thursday May 24, the fields filled with colours as students and staff alike arrived to watch the interhouse girls’ soccer competition. 

In the first round, Mackenzie faced Alexandra, and Allard and Hope battled for the win in the second game. The field was a blur of green, orange, red, and blue & pink, and cheers of celebration and encouragement rang out from every sideline. As the half-time whistle blew, all the girls were tired and hot, but could not be more eager to get back on the field after a quick water break and team huddle. As the final minute of the game came to a close, Alexandra had beaten Mackenzie 4-2 in a close-matched game. Allard had claimed their victory over Hope with a dominating score of 5-2. 

The competition did not stop there, however. Allard and Alex, after their victories in the first matches, played for first and second place, and Mack and Hope battled for Bronze. Both games held suspense and fierce house pride from players and spectators alike. With their 4-2 win over Alex, Allard claimed Gold, leaving Alex in second. Mackenzie dominated their second game, winning 8-1 over Hope, and claimed third place.  

As usual, this event was a successful event, and all who attended had fun. As Jessica W, Allard ‘20 put it, “The atmosphere and vibe that [hung] in the air during interhouse soccer is one that you only get once”. The next interhouse challenge will be a public speaking competition, held on the 5th of June. Good luck to all the participants of that, and thank you to everyone who organized and played in interhouse soccer, and contributed to make it such a success! 

Sarah R, Mackenzie ‘20; Photo by Jim Ganley, Privett ‘34 

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