The Feminine Side of the Ice

Friday, June 08, 2018 - By: Piper W, Hope ‘20; Photo by Ian McPherson

The first time for anything is scary. Now imagine stepping onto the ice with teenage boys skating circles around you. It’s almost impossible not to smell the testosterone in the air. Then we seven girls step onto the ice. 

Back in November, the girls, many of whom have never played hockey or even skated before, took their first shaking and unsure steps onto what we now know as the Brentwood Girls Hockey team. It was decided that we would link up with our friends up the road, Shawnigan. This was the beginning of the Shawood Girls team. 

After a total of seven joint practices together - and many additional separate training sessions - Shawood took on teams from all over the Island. We played with ferocity and spirit. 

I’m a girl who’s played in the hockey program for two years and this was a welcome addition. We had laughs on the bench and sing alongs in the change room. Beginner hockey player Lucila F, Hope ‘20 said “It was truly one of the most fun sports I’ve ever played and I am so thankful for the opportunity to be able to play with amazing people.” 

There will be further discussion about the continuation and advancement of the Girls Hockey program based on interest. Hockey is an amazing team sport, but, unfortunately, mostly male dominated. Brentwood is hoping to change these somewhat prejudiced views and is looking towards the future of girls’ hockey.

I would like to give immense thanks to our coach, Lonnie. Starting the season with us, he helped us grow and advance our skills as a team. While it is easy for any coach to teach a team, Coach Lonnie became a part of the team. He was right there with us, picking us back up after a loss and sometimes, right there next to us, singing along with a bunch of teenage girls. He recognized that hockey isn't just about being good at playing the game, it's about being on a team. And he continuously showed us that. “He was not just an amazing coach but as well a person. From not knowing anything about hockey, thanks to Coach Lonnie, now I do” enthused Mariia S, Mack ‘20. 

On behalf of the Girls Hockey Program, we would like to say thank you, Lonnie.  

Piper W, Hope ‘20

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