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Monday, January 16, 2023 -

Brentwood's newest fine art, Environmental Advocacy, begins term two with a considerable To Do list. The autumn began with a boisterous campfire on the beach, a rigorous hike up Cobble Hill Mountain, and a trip to alumna Robin McDaniel’s local organic farm.

Regularly coordinating with BEAT, the fun continued with an interhouse recycling competition organized by BEAT Captain Sophie H and won by Whittall, spectacularly led by Assistant Houseparent Tammy ‘Tamram’ Ramsey, as well as holiday events including a clothing swap - thanks Isha CT - a GingerFest managed by Environmental Advocacy Captain Sarah O & Katie L - root vegetables are nutritious and low-carbon - and a holiday gift-wrapping service which featured recyclable materials - thanks Sophie S. Other successful projects included Tedra G recruiting alumni Careers Day speakers Luke Damron (Tesla) and James Larsen (e-Zinc) who both work in environmentally essential cutting-edge industries.

Lauren C, Hana R & Sophie S also led a session on managing Climate Anxiety at the Wellness Conference in November. On the same morning, Grace S and Pin T led students to the school garden for some terra therapy to ensure optimal conditions for spring growth. Ms Miller, Isha, Sophie S & Phoebe K then attended the UVic Water Conference.
Sarah also conducted two school-wide food surveys to optimize satisfaction and minimize waste and conducted education on food waste. Lauren & Sophie W also surveyed local restaurants to see who would serve drinks in reusable cups and initiated that practice at McNeill’s, the school coffee shop.

Equally important, Merlin N, Aidan A & Norbert M researched their topics and met with school staff to advance the argument for electrifying the school’s fleets of cars, vans and rowing coach boats. Fingers crossed for early adoption!

“I'm really excited about how positive, creative and industrious the students in Environmental Advocacy & BEAT have been” enthused Teacher Sponsor Mr Jim Ganley. “They are a very supportive, leaderful group that puts their money where their mouth is on the environment. Ms Miller’s knowledge, skills and enthusiasm have been a wonderful bonus to our programs. Thanks goodness for the BFAs.”
The winter term will include research and education on environmental purchases in Mill Bay, carbon offsets, plastics, the carbon impact of food, a trip to the ISABC Student Sustainability conference at UBC, as well as fun green events supporting both Spirit Week and Kindness Week. Hope House, led by Sarah and Houseparent Ms Karen Hedquist, will also pilot a new method of recycling and waste management in the houses.

If you're looking to throw your energy and ideas into how we can make Brentwood a more environmentally friendly community, BEAT meetings occur on Wednesdays at cookie break in Crooks 131 and Environmental Advocacy stirs things up on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday in Arts 254 from 3 to 4 p.m.

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