The End Of Field Hockey

Tuesday, November 24, 2020 - By: Emily P, Mackenzie ‘22

To end this year's Field Hockey season, two different events took place. On Thursday and Saturday, all three teams came together for an interhouse field hockey skills competition followed by a banquet. The skills competition consisted of numerous events over the course of two days, including target shooting, hardest shot, and sprinting. Our skills were put to the test which brought back that sense of competition. Due to COVID protocols, and social distancing, games had not been able to take place. After a couple of days of testing all of the skills practiced during the term, Allard House dazzled us all by winning the event. 

To conclude the season, everyone gathered in Crooks Hall for our final banquet. It began with a phenomenal dinner prepared by the kitchen staff and a slide show to remind us all of the remarkable season we had. Speeches were prepared by each team captain and the coaches said their goodbyes to each of the senior players. First XI Captain, Megan K, Allard ‘21 stated “I will be sad to leave this team. Some of my fondest memories of the last five years were made during field hockey.”

Despite being unable to play any games, everyone continued to have high spirits throughout the season, while also improving our skills for future seasons. This past week really brought all of us together which helped create a team bond like no other. “It was tough to see everyone not playing games and watching everyone's skills in action, but we still had a great year,” shared coach Sue Whitney.

I would like to thank all of the coaches for dedicating their time and energy to helping all of us improve during these unusual times.

Emily P, Mackenzie ‘22

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