The Eldon & Anne Foote Athletic Centre

Wednesday, September 12, 2018 - By: Davis P, Whittall ‘23

The Eldon & Anne Foote Athletic Centre is brand new with its official opening coming on September 22 at 2:00. The Foote Centre has everything anyone could ever wish for. It even has a climbing wall that’s 52 feet tall! The Centre has 4 volleyball courts or 2 basketball courts that you can play on at once and it has 10 hoops so it’s perfect for training, 

The Centre has everything from three sparkling squash courts surrounded by paintings of Brentwood athletes including Bruno Chan & Zyaja D on the wall to cubbys for the grade 8s’ smelly gym shoes to Mr Langer’s favorites, the “Big A$$ Fans”. The Wellness Centre just down the hall will have plenty of very well trained therapists. 

The outside of the facility is just as remarkable as the inside with beautiful polished wood trim and open glass windows on all four sides: I must say it's remarkable. Believe it or not, this 60,000 square foot facility just wasn't enough. The school is also constructing a treasured turf field right down the staircase by the main entrance. Our Head of School, Mr Patel, said that the only thing he planned on the whole project was that the halfway point on the soccer/rugby field had to line up with the end of the balcony. 

The Foote Centre has been a big topic for more than a year here at Brentwood College School and is one of the few recent projects on Vancouver Island that has been on budget and on time. 

Thanks to Mr Langer (our tour guide) and the rest of his trusty coworkers we know where all the Island tournaments will be. Brentwood hopes to see you here having a good time!

Davis P, Whittall ‘23

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