The Dream Team

Wednesday, July 21, 2021 - By: Lucas K, Whittall ‘22

Term 3 golf at Brentwood was good. From start to finish, players enrolled in the program showed tremendous improvement while also expanding their knowledge of this great sport. Whether it was on the course or at the practice facility, everyone found a way to stay busy during the three afternoons a week spent at the Cowichan Golf Club.

The vast majority of Brentwood’s golfers will be returning to the program next year - with the exception of Ishan Varma, Feury Kelly and Ryangwon Kim. These Grade 12s have brought their energy and enjoyment to every training session and have left a positive impact on everyone involved with the golf program.

The Grade 11s this year include Perry F, Gavyn K, Rowland L, Trekker J, Ben M, Fabian H, Will P, Justine C & Grace D. All of us have enjoyed this year of golf to the fullest and will all be back again in March 2022.

The Grade 10s this year include Ned B who “thoroughly enjoyed golf this year”, Maxine P, and Jagre K. All showed great improvement and skill throughout the year and leave no doubt in anyone’s mind that this program has a bright future in the years to come.

The lone Grade 9 was Kainan R, who, despite being the youngest, still showed tremendous growth and improvement throughout the season. I look forward to seeing just how good he will become by the time he graduates.

Golf Coach Mr Warner reflects on the term as a historic one with two groups being run for the first time. He says that “The one constant has been that the students have all demonstrated a willingness to get better each day while representing themselves and the school with class while at the golf course”.

As Golf Captain, I have taken on a larger leadership role in the program this year and have had the pleasure of working with every one of Brentwood’s young golfers. The group could not have been better and I strongly believe that big things are ahead for a COVID-free 2022 season.

 Lucas K, Whittall ‘22

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