The Day of the Play!

- By: Edna Widenmaier

Veteran actors bustle busily to polish the performance of “Servant of Two Masters” in the Killy Theatre as the deadline for the senior play inches closer and closer. It opens tonight!

The impressive lineup of actors includes...

  • Zaid A, Ellis ‘17   Pantalone
  • David K, Whittall ‘16 Lombardi
  • Holly C, Mackenzie ‘17 Clarice
  • Alex D, Rogers ‘16 Silvio
  • Katherine B, Hope ‘17 Beatrice
  • Michael G, Privett ‘17 Truffaldino
  • Muhammed K, Whittall ‘16 Florindo,
  • Suzy T, Alex ‘17 Smeraldina
  • Gemma E, Alex ‘17 Patron and waitress #1,
  • Deborah C, Mackenzie ‘17 Brighella
  • Cara A, Mackenzie ‘17 Muffeletta  
  • Nicole C, Mackenzie ‘17 Waitress #2
  • Sarah F, Mackenzie ‘17 Stage Manager

“There is no pressure involved in the final touches,” says Michael G, Privett ‘17, who plays the central figure. When asked, Director and Producer Ms. Susan Quinton says, “We are only a few feet away.” “Get ready to laugh your socks off,” replies Michael when questioned what the audience should know before entering the theatre.  The crew firmly states that the play should be a great watch.

On Wednesday night, the first performance will be attended by Privett, Rogers and Mackenzie. The following night, the Bunch Theatre will be filled by Allard, Hope and Ellis. Lastly, Whittall and Alex will clock in on Friday.

The play is open to the public Wednesday April 20 to Saturday, April 23. Curtain is 7:30. For tickets please visit

Filled with humor, excitement, and suspense, the senior play is an opportunity to see a refreshing story.

Justin S, Whittall ‘18 & Luis M, Privett ‘18; Photo by Luis M, Privett ‘18

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