The Day Everyone Looks Forward To

Wednesday, May 10, 2017 - By: Nicholas P, Ellis ‘19

May 6 was a day that many Brentwood students looked forward to. It was the second Red Saturday of the year. Even though Brentwood students are heavily rewarded with long breaks, they still only have one-day weekends. 

But when one of the infrequent two-day weekends finally happens, everyone is excited. Students and staff can then enjoy a work-free Saturday with lots of relaxing and doing other fun stuff, that a two-day weekend offers. 

The first year students were especially excited because they could finally get one of their “normal” weekends that they were used to before Brentwood.

Students were inspired to get some rest and recover from all of the hard work during the Regatta last weekend. The sleep in and the Banana and Nutella French toast breakfast were followed by a short study period which students could use to catch up on homework or assignments. 

There were also some physical activities for some chosen individuals offered. This included the Senior Boys 8+ and the Senior Girls 4+, that were able to travel to the University of Washington (due to their excellent results at the Brentwood Regatta last weekend) to compete in the Windermere Cup Opening Day Regatta in Seattle. Meanwhile, the Outside Pursuits rock climbing team spent their Saturday climbing in Sunnyside.

Still, many students decided to neglect the great offerings on campus and headed off to the homes of their local friends while some of the Privett boys ventured to Victoria with Mr. Neufeld to enjoy the new Guardians of the Galaxy movie. 

I asked my Houseparent, Mr. Sullivan, his honest opinion about Red Saturdays and he replied “A Red Saturday is always a good excuse for Chinese food.” I think I know how he will be spending at least part of his Saturday. Then, when I came back to my room, I also asked my roommate, Darcy S, Ellis, ‘19 about his thoughts and I got these wise words in reply: “It is the day you look forward to, but also the day that passes the fastest.” This definitely hit the point. 

Now that almost everyone returned fully relaxed and on top of their workload, it is time to look forward to the final seven weeks of 2016-2017. 

Nicholas P, Ellis ‘19

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