The Crusading Author: John Wilson

Wednesday, April 15, 2015 - By: Kimmi G, Hope ’15

A pleasant treat came Brentwood’s way on April 14th when critically acclaimed local and self-proclaimed “history geek” author, John Wilson, came for a presentation and discussion of his craft. Having written over 40 books, of varied genres, Mr. Wilson’s specialty is historical fiction.

The quick-witted, clever man explained his writing process, which included hours of extensive background research for accuracy, and offered his wisdom on his experiences with “writer’s block” in saying, “There’s no such thing really. If I’m experiencing writer’s block it’s my own fault; something in the story plan has gone wrong, whether a character is out of character or something ostentatious to the plot is occurring, I just need to find the machine’s cog.”

Finding inspiration from his own life, his characters are often projections of himself and his hypothetical reactions to their situations. His valuable advice to students was resonating, well received, and the hour passed by in minutes.

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Kimmi G, Hope ’15 

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