The Center of Strength

Monday, October 11, 2021 - By: Sebastian M, Privett ‘22

Whether you’re looking to improve your overall fitness, train for a specific sport, try something new, or just get some daily exercise, the Strength and Conditioning program is the place for you. With four training coaches - Mrs Schek, Mrs Manton, Mr Cowie and Mr Thompson - there is always someone able to help you along the way when looking for a new challenge or some fine tuning for your lifts.

The weight room, located in the Foote Athletic Center, is now three years old and is one of the outstanding facilities on the Brentwood campus. The program is now in it’s eleventh year at the school, and has consistently grown in size since beginning. In the last three years especially, the program has taken off and now has over one hundred regular attendants. During the first several weeks of the year, the coaches have been busy running personal orientations with all of these students, ensuring that they are safe in the gym and using proper technique.

Although it is not mandatory for students to be on a specific training program, it is highly recommended for the school’s athletes. Mrs Schek said that “[the coaches] regularly work with different students individually and offer sport-specific training programs to help them reach their goals”. They are also great at working around injuries and personal athletic schedules. Improving your functional weaknesses and ensuring adequate rest are difficult tasks to manage without an experienced coach.

The students are constantly seizing the great opportunity offered; basketball player Nathan O, Privett ‘22 is a regular member of the Strength and Conditioning program and attests that “it has helped [him] get through some tough injuries, and has made [him] a better athlete” as a result. Many other students on campus share these same thoughts; it is a great example of Brentwood going above and beyond to improve the student experience.

Sebastian M, Privett ‘22

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