The Busiest Time of the Year!

Wednesday, June 06, 2018 - By: Lorenza U, Hope ‘20

Since September a lot has changed: new friends were made, laughs have been shared, and the snow has melted. The beginning of the year is an exciting time for everyone: new people join the school and everyone is experiencing a relaxing time with friends and classmates. Life is very balanced between academics, arts, athletics and social life which allows Brentwood students to start the year off strong. 

As second term approaches, the beautiful campus grows colder and wetter. The days become short as the dark comes upon the school at around 4:30 pm. Students search to try to find the strength for the last push on their academics so that they can finally get to go home and see their families.

As time passes, classes are aced, artworks are created, games are played, and life at Brentwood increases its pase. It is currently 3rd term and there is not one student that has been overwhelmed over the past couple of weeks. With trying to balance competitive sports, AP exams, final exams, friendships, keeping in touch with parents, everything starts to feel as if it is too much. Luckily, the school has amazing resources for students to reach out to if they are in need of help or need to slow down. 

Sunny third term is by far the best and as the year comes to an end the students will welcome the summer, saying goodbye to old friends and teachers. Sarah R, Mack ‘20 thinks that “Third term can be a difficult and stressful time and it challenges everybody to maintain high academic standards.” This is a statement that a lot of students can agree with. Pushing yourself until the last final exam will leave each and every student with the satisfaction of having achieved their best effort and closing the year as strongly as they can, having no regrets. 

Lorenza U, Hope ‘20

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