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Saturday, October 16, 2021 - By: Lucca P, Whittalll ‘23

Monday is the beginning of the week and an Arts day. Tuesday is a typical day followed by afternoon sports. Wednesday is sleep in and breakfast cake day. Then, Thursday is number one uniform and Assembly day.

We love our Thursdays. On this day (Saturdays too) we students dress in our number one uniforms collectively as a school, proudly sporting our house ties and perfectly fitted blazers which make Owen S, Whittall ‘22, believe “If I look good, I feel good!”

However, the benchmark of the day is Assembly, which takes place after cookie break right before second period. We all enter the Killy Theatre and sit in
our designated seats. Assembly then promptly begins with a signature hug between our Head of School, Mr Patel, and this year’s Head Prefect, Jacob H, Privett ‘22, who then expresses our school's gratitude toward the Coast Salish People, as our school sits within their traditional territory.

Assemblies are great for many reasons including announcements from clubs around the school such as B-Well, OMNI, BEAT and the SAC, perhaps a joke from our Head Prefect after his remarks, updates on academics, arts, and athletics from our Assistant Head Prefects, and finally closing remarks from Mr Patel that occasionally leave you befuddled - like trying to assemble Lego Star Wars figures without a manual.

On the morning of Thursday October 14th, Mr Bryant’s Law 12 and Debate students elaborated on the recent Canadian election. Cameron M, Whittall ‘22  says “bringing current events to Assembly is a unique experience too. Interhouse Photography was announced, and a musical performance was put on for all to enjoy.”

What will next Thursday bring? Stay tuned.        

Lucca P, Whittalll ‘23

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