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Wednesday, May 10, 2017 -

Over the Regatta weekend, we hosted an alumni/parent reception in the lobby of the Bunch Centre. This annual social occasion creates a wonderful space for interaction and frivolity. Over the past two years, we’ve added a tweak that elevates the importance of this event. At 3:30pm on Saturday afternoon we held our 2nd Annual Old Brentonian Awards Ceremony that honoured three alum – see below.

Extraordinary Young Brentonian Award – Sarah Common, Gwynneth ‘03

  • Honours a young Brentonian for significant career achievements and/or service.

Outstanding Old Brentonian Award – Jaya Murthy, Rogers ’93

  • Honours an Old Brentonian for outstanding career achievements and/or service.

Old Brentonian Lifetime Achievement Award - Alastair Gillespie, ‘41

  • Recognizes an Old Brentonian for distinguished lifetime career achievements and/or contributions to community through service.

The event was elegant and sophisticated in its honouring and organization. At the same time, it was fittingly West Coast relaxed with local vendors sharing the bounty of food and drink from the Cowichan Valley – 100 mile diet, how about 10 miles!

This combination of elegance/sophistication AND West Coast relaxed is perhaps uniquely Brentwood. It was about…

Honour AND Laughter

Tears AND Hugs

Newly graduated AND 50 year veterans

Jeans/fleece AND Suit/ties

Rooted in our past AND Reaching to the future

Old Brentonians AND Parents AND Staff

…all with a “from hand to hand” spirit.

While the occasion was not full of pomp and circumstance, it was rich with emotion, passion, and humanity. Perhaps that’s The Brentwood Way? I would be keen to hear your thoughts on The Brentwood Way – please send me an email

The closing comment in Alastair Gillespie’s (the 95 year old, Order of Canada recipient) acceptance letter best sums the heart of the Brentwood experience.

“On receiving this honour, I would like to particularly recognize the many Brentwood teachers and coaches who helped me, pushed me, inspired me, believed in me, and ‘called me out’ when necessary, to truly do my very best. To them I owe an equally large lifetime gratitude. Thank you again for the recognition and my very best wishes to Brentwood – De Manu In Manum.”

Mr Bud Patel, Head of School

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