The Brentwood Turf

Thursday, February 18, 2021 - By: Emily P, Mack ‘22

The Brentwood turf is used daily for a variety of purposes, including athletics, events, and socializing. On arts afternoons and Sundays, many use the turf to play soccer, ultimate frisbee, football, rowing, and more. Even campus families get involved. Mr Smith’s son, Sebba, observed, “On the turf, you can run real fast!”

In 2019 the Brentwood community received an impeccable sand-based turf sited between the Foote Centre and the Woodward Sportsplex. Thanks to parents and alumni, we can utilize this phenomenal space on a daily basis - rain or shine, warm or cold, fall, winter, spring and summer. Two recent grads, Vanessa Croft, Alexandra ‘17, Captain of Girl’s Soccer, and the parents of Field Hockey Captain, Isabelle Durrans, Alexandra ‘15 are two donors who wanted their passion for sport to continue at Brentwood. Other donors were Serena Hildebrandt ‘06, Brian Lee ‘96 Judson Macore ‘85, Ash Mueller ‘20 & Serena M ‘22. Thanks from all of us for your generous gift.

The turf has made a tremendous difference on campus from the many sports teams’ practices to the many interhouse events taking place on it. Soccer, field hockey, rugby, rowing, and more have all been fortunate enough to spend time working on the synthetic field. Rugby coach Mr Smith stated “The turf allows our rugby teams to focus more specifically on their skills. On grass fields during the winter, in the mud, with poor footing and a grimy ball, our expectations were very low. Now, on the turf, we can expect more of our players and the skills they develop are more advanced.”

The turf allows for sports to avoid cancellation as we often experience the West Coast’s unpredictable weather. In the winter, like today, when we get our large dump of snow on campus, many sports teams are still able to continue their training. The eager teams “Immediately seize their opportunity and clear it with snow shovels so they can continue to train in the wintery conditions” shared field hockey coach, Ms Whitney.

Thank you to our donors for allowing us to have such an incredible resource, which allows us to enjoy a wide range of athletics and social events.

Emily P, Mack ‘22

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