The Brentwood Magic

Monday, November 11, 2013 - By: Clayton Johnston

The Brentwood Magic is what we call it on campus.  It happens every year and it is a joy to watch.  Incomprehensible perhaps, but wonderful nonetheless.

What is it?

Over 180 new students join us each September. This is more than a third of our total school population. They come from all walks of life, different cultures and educational experiences. You would think this would create havoc in our community and change the dynamics on campus, yet within weeks they look like they have been here for years.

Abracadabra: the trust and the commitment, the openness and shared kindness, the focus and enhanced study habits, the support, the desire to improve and excel, the degree of effort and the pride. Like ‘magic’, all of this occurs within a few weeks of arrival. Needless to say, their parents can hardly believe it.

The Brentwood magic doesn’t happen by accident. It is embedded deep within our culture. Almost imperceptibly, new students become immersed in it. The Brentwood family engulfs new students and it is amazing how quickly they feel that they are an integral part of our community. The buy-in is remarkable. Of course, when you only accept students into your school if it is their choice to be here, the transition is often an easy one.

The key factor underlying all of this is that our students really care for one another.  It is easy to fall in love with the place when one experiences empathy and kindness; it’s like magic.

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