The Brentwood Experience as an International Student

Tuesday, October 15, 2019 - By: Ben H, Privett ‘21; Photo by John Pettit

Brentwood is a diverse community that consists of students from over 44 different countries around the world, International students make up 20% of the Brentwood community.

It is very exciting to see all the different cultures of the people who live here in one place. Of course, homesickness is a big topic in the first days, but the school gives everything to make sure that the students overcome the homesickness and settle in as soon as possible.

Already in the first days, you find your first friends here very quickly. The openness towards new students is really remarkable. The veterans and staff try to make Brentwood a new home for international students. Because of the Orientation program, you feel at home very quickly at Brentwood. During this program, the focus is on having fun to make it as easy as possible for the new international students to say goodbye to their families.

As soon as you start your first lessons, you will notice that the welfare of all students is very important. The teachers are interested in you, have conversations with you and want to know more about your country, culture and yourself. “Brentwood takes care of me and everyone always helps me to improve myself and gain success’’ observed rookie Joe R, Privett ‘20 form Japan.

Of course, many nations are represented in the various boarding houses, which is very exciting, as you can build up a global network of contacts there. Your house quickly builds into a big brotherhood or sisterhood.

The school also tries to show students from other countries Canadian cities and regions. These include weekend excursions to Victoria, for example, as well as holiday trips. There is a varied program of trips available, both within Canada and outside Canada. On the other hand, the school also tries to contribute to international diversity in the field of eating. There are often days when food from a particular country is offered.

“During my first year at Brentwood, I was overwhelmed by the diversity of students ranging from all over the world. One thing that blew me away was the international dinner which I thought was a perfect way to highlight the background of International students while educating domestic students on different countries’’ observed Nigerian Bright A, Privett ‘21.

The Brentwood experience for international students is unique. I can say from my own experience that after only a very short time you will feel at home here. Living on the Brentwood campus means living far away from home, but it quickly became my second home. Due to the beautiful campus and the very nice people here, the Brentwood experience is a wonderful one.

The Brentwood experience means entering into a large, great, and unique community, which feels like a big family.

Ben H, Privett ‘21

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