The BEAT Goes On

Wednesday, November 06, 2013 - By: Shannon Turvey

The fact that no students were able to participate in the BEAT hike to the Koksilah River Ancient Forest Reserve last Sunday didn’t stop 6 members of the Brentwood Family and friends from enjoying the day. After a short drive out past the famous Kinsol Trestle, beyond Shawnigan Lake, we reached our destination. Out of the fog and into the sunshine we went!

After 2.5 km of hiking through the colourful maple forest we wound our way down through the undulating trail to the river where the original old growth forest sits. The trees dwarfed us as we strained to look up. The largest was 81metres tall! The trunks were so thick, many metres around.

Standing amongst such grand trees creates a feeling nothing short of amazement. This grove of Douglas Fir is one of the last and largest ancient groves on the southern island and has been the subject of controversy over the past few years as it was set to be logged. Fortunately, many local residents have taken a stand to halt the logging. It still has no formal protection, but has been deemed a “reserve” which is no guarantee.

I have seen “big trees” before, but knowing there is a place like this practically in our backyard awes me. I highly recommend the trek to see these trees. I promise that you will feel something magical!

Shannon Turvey

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