The Battle of the Colours

Thursday, November 30, 2017 - By: Sarah R, Mackenzie ‘20; Photo by Fuzzy Harrison

Bright with multi-coloured clothing, the soggy fields bustled with energy and positive, competitive house spirit this past Thursday as field hockey players of all skill levels and ages gathered on the field beside the tennis courts, prepared to give everything for their house in yet another exciting inter-house event. 

Inter-house field hockey took place over two days, with each team playing three round-robin games, followed by either the final, or the chance for third. The first two matches were Mackenzie vs. Alexandra, and Hope vs. Allard. Both were competitive games, as players tried to adjust to dribbling and passing on the lumpy, wet, long grass, as opposed to the water-based turf we are accustomed to. With hardly enough players to field a full team, the Alex girls had a disadvantage, and lost their game to Mack, despite the effort and perseverance they showed. Hope and Allard was a close, exciting game, but Allard dominated and came away with the win. 

In the next set of games, Hope beat Alex, and Allard and Mackenzie’s game ended in a tie, with both teams having scored a goal each, and the match being exciting and intense on both sides. 

On Saturday, players met again. In the first games, Allard came away with a win against Alex, and Mackenzie worked together to beat Hope, though narrowly. These results pitted Alex and Hope in the competition for third place, which Hope clinched, putting Alex in fourth. 

The final was a competition of orange against green, as the Allard girls gathered to discuss strategies for the game, and the Mackenzie team completed a last minute warm-up. Conscious of  the tie last time the teams met, everyone gave it their all. Mackenzie scored the first goal, followed by a quick one by Allard, and then one more for each team. At the end of the 30 minutes, the score was tied 2-2. Shootouts. The dread of every goal keeper and shooter on each team. 

Five shooters were designated from each team, and stood apart as the rest of the players stood in colour-coded lines, arms around each other, to watch the nerve-wracking events unfold. After the best-of-five shoot out, it was still a tie, and tension rose as teams prepared to go through their rotation once more, this time in a sudden-death scenario. That finished, the score was still equal, though cheers and groans had erupted from both sides as shots were scored, saved, and missed. As the eleventh shooter from each team stepped to the ball, the fields were deserted except for the small huddles of supporters holding their breath on the sidelines, and the players. The designated shooter from Allard swung, but the shot was blocked by Mackenzie goalkeeper Chantal P. 

As Keeva O, dressed proudly in green, approached the ball, silence fell over the field. The starting whistle sounded. She shot, and as the ball, narrowly missing the pads of Sloane J, hit the back of the net, the whistle blew and the Mackenzie team erupted into a cheering, jumping, clump of green. The agonizingly close competition finished with Mackenzie House maintaining their record interhouse Field Hockey champions. 

Thank you to the coaches, referees, and players, alike, who all gave their time and effort to make another Interhouse event fun, competitive, and exciting! 

Sarah R, Mackenzie ‘20 

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