The Battle for the Court: Senior Girls Showcase

Tuesday, February 07, 2023 - By: Christine L, Mack ‘23

The stands were packed this past Wednesday as our Senior Girls Basketball team prepared for their long-awaited Showcase Game against Mark Isfeld Secondary School. The energy, heavy in the air, was palpable, and tensions were high. From the tops of our heads to the tips of our toes, the Brentwood fans were covered in red and hungry for a victory.

The evening began as students filed into the Foote Athletic Center humming with anticipation and excitement. Head Prefect Tommy M, Privett ‘23 did the honours of starting the game by introducing our impressive starting lineup and riling up the crowd. Co-Captain Miranda NP, Alex ‘23 commented “I think it’ll be an interesting game. They’re [Isfeld] definitely a strong team but so are we so it should be an entertaining matchup tonight”.

Starting with the tip-off, it was clear that both teams had come to play. Our girls dominated the first quarter with their sharp shooting and intense defense. However, as the second quarter approached, the Isfeld girls fought back with tenacity and the gap was narrowed. The last two quarters were a back and forth battle with both teams making impressive shots and defensive plays. Although our home team dug deep and gave it their all, Isfeld managed to pull ahead and win the game with a final score of 59-46.

Despite the loss, the energy in the gymnasium made it impossible for the evening to feel as if it had ended as such. Ms Ramsay’s famous “swag-bag”, as Sarah O, Hope ‘23 calls it, surfing the crowd coupled with Mr Collis Handford beating a recycling bin with a drumstick to rile up the fans, demonstrated how, at Brentwood, it’s not just the students who bleed school spirit, it is also the staff who outperform. Co-Captain Jensa NG, Mack ‘23 comments, “We did our best and what’s important is that we learned a lot about what we can do to improve moving forward.”

This year’s Senior Girls Basketball Showcase Game was a nail-biting experience. Our girls displayed exceptional skill, sportsmanship, and teamwork throughout the game and although a victory was not secured, their countless hours of hard work and dedication to the game was undeniable. Special shoutout to their coach Ms Jillian Napier who has embodied grit and joy thus far in the season and manages to drive her players to do the same. Great job to the team and coaches. We can’t wait to see what’s to come when we host the AA Islands Feb. 17 & 18.

Christine L, Mack ‘23

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