The Adventure of Literature 12AP

Friday, March 29, 2019 - By: Nadia K, Hope ‘19; Photo by Bronte G, Hope '19

In the world of Literature 12AP, we students are given an opportunity to receive credit for English 12, Literature 12, and Literature 12AP all in one course. While the course dives into the worlds and works of Beowulf, Chaucer, and Shakespeare, preparation for the May AP exam is also a focus of the class. 

For every poem, short story or essay that is presented to us in class, we are always asking crucial questions in order to grasp the purpose of the work and understand the thoughts of the author. Mrs. Widenmaier’s passion, when it comes to literature, “Is the wish that by closely reading imaginative works, you will ‘see into the life of things’”. And by doing so, “that vision will see you through the many of the ups and downs of life’s journey.” 

While Lit AP is set up for lovers of poetry analysis and 17th century writing, the class is still full of surprises. 

A highlight of the year has been the unit on Hamlet. For three weeks we studied and read through Shakespeare’s famous tragedy. While the play, which tells the story of the Hamlet’s pensive revenge on his uncle, Claudius, is 4,000 lines and approximately four hours in length, students were presented with the daunting task of condensing it into our own five minute play. Groups were formed and, in the end, our class voted on our favourite script: playwrights Roni C and Haley H won the day. After considerable practice and memorization, we were able to perform our play in front of various other classes throughout the school. Haley H said she “loved the way people took on roles so unlike themselves”. 

More recently, after reading “The Rime of the Ancient Mariner” we were given the task to create our own movie trailer based on the lyric ballad by Samuel Taylor Coleridge. Omkar V, Ellis ‘19 in the adjacent photo took on the titular role.

Regardless of whether we’re reading works from Wordsworth, acting out Hamlet, or listening to one of Mrs. Widenmaier’s adventures, Lit 12AP never fails to open our minds and hearts to worlds different to our own. 

Nadia K, Hope ‘19

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