The 2014 Brentwood Senior Boys Soccer Team - Undefeated on the Island

Wednesday, November 26, 2014 - By: Reid A, Whittall ’15 & Toby CH, Privett ‘15

The United Nations. Amnesty International. UNICEF. What do all these groups have in common? They are all inferior in every capacity compared Brentwood College’s Senior Boys’ soccer team this year. 

It was 2014. The year of the horse. With the spirits of Bucephalus raging proudly in each one of their respective four humours, the Brentwood squad first took to the pitch in early September. Although they were a disorganized bunch, with time and practice, success came their way. This group started out as a group of boys, and ended with a group of boys who were considerably better at playing soccer with one another. 

Drawing first blood on the score sheets was the soccer (and piccolo) phenom himself, Martin K, Whittall ’15. When time came for local rivals Shawnigan Lake School to come to Brentwood’s homeground, their latent fears were much warranted. Because of their pre-game ritualistic prayer to the lord of all that is holy, Theo Walcott, the Brentwood few were able to net two early goals and lead the way to a 5-nil defeat, sending Brentwood to victory in their first ever Showcase Classic. Thank you to all dozen of you proud supporters who showed up.

The senior boys remained undefeated in games on the Island, with emphatic wins such as the 4-2 victory over Salt Spring and the 2-0 shutout victory again against Shawnigan thanks in part to stalwart defending by Captain Reid A, Whittall ’15. Because we had such coaching prowess at our helm with not one but two managers – both Mr. Horth, who actually plays currently for team Canada (backgammon), and Mr. Garvey -  who moonlights as a bookie and always got us the inside odds on the game we would be playing in – and due to youthful efforts from grade 11s on the team such as Salman K, Privett ’16, Brentwood won the league. 

Thanks in a large part to anabolic steroids in his tofu and lentils, Toby CH would finish as the team’s leading scorer.

Brentwood would like to thank our coaches, our fans, grass, and the sun for supporting us in every game this season. We could not have done it without you. You were super helpful.

Reid A, Whittall ’15 & Toby CH, Privett ‘15

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