Thanks to Our Parents

Monday, August 20, 2018 - By: Sion Griffiths, Assistant Head Prefect, Athletics; Photo by Paul Fletcher

To our Houseparents I cannot say thank you, for a mere thank you is not enough of an acknowledgement or reward for all of the work they do for us. Who is crazy enough to accept a job living with 60 girls or boys for 9 months? Working 24 hours of a day, 7 days a week, sacrificing weekends and family time to be there for us? Without these amazing men and women, surviving the rollercoaster that is Brentwood would be near impossible. Even though I am only a day student, I still am able to appreciate all they do. 

They are our parents away from home; they are our teachers in the classroom as well as in life; they are there for us when we are sick, and they are there to set our path straight if we stray. They've let us into their family.

To my Houseparent, Mr Wismer, I must say that being able to watch your kids grow up has truly been one of the special parts of my experience at Brentwood. And to my other Houseparent, Mr Sullivan, you’ve known me for ten years and I can say I wouldn't be the person I am today without your influence. So, houseparents, even though these two words can barely suffice in acknowledging all you’ve done: thank you.

Now of course, none of the experiences that Anna or I have spoken about would have been possible without our parents. Our parents are the ones we owe the most to: feeding us, clothing us, and tolerating us. Whether it was out of the goodness of their hearts or them trying to get a little peace and quiet away from us, all of our parents decided to send us here. And I think I can speak for the people here: we are so grateful. There is no other place that I wish I could have gone to high school. It’s because of our parents that you have the relationships and the friends you have now. Unbeknownst to them sending us here, they created friendships that will never end - they will last us a lifetime. So, students, please join me in thanking the most important people in your lives: thank you parents.

Now we have a message for each grade on behalf of the Anna and I: Grade 9s: now that you have had a taste of Brentwood, I encourage you to continue to take every opportunity presented to you and that you make your next three years count. Next year starts the beginning of your leadership role. Help the new 9’s settle in and show them how to be a Brentonian.

Grade 10s: next year you will be Grade 11s, and it will not be too long until you become 12s. Learn all that you can from your big brothers and sisters; help them become the leaders you want them to be. Respect them because before you think you will be in their position.

Grade 11s: you are all technically in Grade 12 already. We want you to understand how fast next year will fly by and how important it will be to make the most of every opportunity, every event and every moment shared with your friends.

And finally, Grade 12s: we made it. We have all reached the point in our journey when we must say our goodbyes. Even though it will be difficult for all of us to come together once more in the future, cherish the memories that we have made this year and keep in touch.

Sion Griffiths, Assistant Head Prefect, Athletics

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