Testing Science Eight

Sunday, October 13, 2019 - By: Elliot Shepherd, ‘24

On Friday, September 27, the Grade 8s were assigned a task. They needed to create a structure that could withstand an earthquake and, if they wanted, withstand a tsunami. They were given a limited amount of materials, and a time limit. In their small groups, they set out to accomplish their goal.

Over the course of a couple of weeks, the 8s constructed their miniature buildings. With the materials they had, they came up with crazy ideas. A cake. A crab. A triangle house. Even a house that had “Mike” on top. They were excited to test out their indestructible structures.

On Wednesday, October 9, we faced our challenge: the shaker table. Something so violent, no building could withstand it. In the end, there was only one that could stay on the table.

All of the buildings were getting wrecked. The styrofoam was ripped off the structures. Pieces fell off. It was a disaster for the buildings. With our wrecked structures in hand, we set out to complete the tsunami test.

It took us as far as the Brentwood docks. We had to make an area for the structures. Then, with some large trays, the structures got a torrential downpour. All of them survived with no injuries, just a little wet. Victory!

The 8s felt triumphant. They had a devastating failure, and then a massive success.

The structures may not have defeated the earthquake, but they had a good time trying!

Elliot Shepherd, ‘24

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