Term One

Friday, December 14, 2012 - By: Clayton Johnston

The buses have rolled out to airports and ferries.  The long December vacation has officially started.  So how can we assess our First Term of 2012?  How did it go?

Let’s first look at the statistics and then we can make a judgment call:

  • 1 new Head of School (4 Patels and PJ, their puppy). 
  • 178 new students joined our school. Our total school population is 458. These are the largest intake and the largest school in our history. 
  • Over 55 extracurricular options are available this year, the most ever.  This gives our students more accessible options, thanks to our unique tripartite scheduling, than any other boarding school in Canada.
  • We started the year ranked the #1 co-educational boarding school in British Columbia according to the Fraser Institute which measures provincial exam results.
  • Our new engineering and robotics options are hugely popular; already the talk is all about offering more options next year.
  • 1 Strategic plan commenced: 9 Task teams, 4 surveys. May, 2013 = 1 ratification of the Strategic Plan.
  • Implementation of 1 Pinterest Page and 1 YouTube Channel  (including video of our faculty and staff doing a Gangnam Style dance).
  • Over 17,000 likes on our Facebook page.
  • 19 staff and students contribute to our vibrant “Word on the Tweet” communication.

@headofbrentwood – Bud Patel (Head of Brentwood College)
@bcsadmissions – Clayton Johnston (Director of Admissions)
@bcsvball – Mike Minckler (Assistant Senior Girls Coach)
@bcsjuniorvball – Neil Robinson (Junior A Girls Coach)
@bcsrowing – Brian Carr (Senior Boys Coach)
@BrentwoodNews – Karen Reburn (Marketing and Admissions Assistant)
@OldBrentonians – Stephanie Young (Alumni Relations)
@everythingbrentwood – Karen Reburn (Marketing and Admissions Assistant)
@BCSBasketball – Robin Gage (spouse of Director of Athletics and Senior Boys Basketball Coach)
@bcsrugby – Tony Healy (Head of Rugby)
@bcscampusgreen – Leah Ross (Facilities Department)
@BrentwoodBlog – Jim Ganley (English Teacher, Blog, News, and Yearbook Editor)
@bcs_University – Rick Rodrigues (Director of University and College Counseling)
@bcsadvancement – Lara Macdonald (Advancement)
@bcsdining – Sean Napier (Head of Food Services and Executive Chef at Brentwood)
@PrivettHouse – Ron Neufeld (Houseparent of Privett House)
@BrentwoodSports (Robin Gage)
@ BCSarts – (Mollie G, Mackenzie ‘13 for Edna Windenmaier, Director of Arts)
@ BCS_Student -  (Mollie G, Mackenzie ‘13)

  • By November we had already won our first Island Championship thanks to our Junior Boys’ soccer team, an Islands Silver by the Junior A Field Hockey Girls, a top 12 finish by our Senior Girls Volleyball team at the provincials, and two huge athletic scholarships accepted (Indiana and Syracuse) by Spencer M, Allard ’13 and Ailish T, Allard ’13.
  • The Arts department produced a fantastic Concert for A Winter’s Eve, Jonathan CH, Ellis ’13, exhibited his work in Victoria, Junior Drama performed Cinderella, debaters have brought home Gold, and the corridors of the school have sparkled with student works.

I could go on, but you get the picture.  It’s been a tremendous start. The new students have transitioned exceptionally well, and the old hands continue to flourish. Some are already saying it feels like one of the best terms we have ever had. You be the judge.

See you in the New Year! I can’t wait.

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