Term One is Done!

Wednesday, January 15, 2020 - By: Jack P, Whittall ‘20

Term one is done! If you can believe that. It’s been over four months since we first set foot on campus, and it hardly feels like it has been that long already. Time truly does fly here at Brentwood. Because of this, here is a recapitulation of some noteworthy events in Term 1.

September: The best of times for returning students, and the beginning of an unfamiliar experience for new students. September gave us the classic 3-day Orientation, followed by the first week of classes, acclimatizing all of us back into routine. There was also some notable interhouse events: the night of Fun and Games, as well as the annual outdoor Eco-Challenge relay.

October: The month of Thanksgiving, where we celebrated the first of two Thanksgiving dinners at Brentwood, and had our first break of the year. Brentwood also hosted our annual TEDx event, and began the dreaded Parent Teacher Student interviews. The month concluded with interhouse Airband, a student favourite, leading into our fall midterm break.

November: A relatively plain month in terms of Brentwood events. The grind was on to polish off first term report cards, and go into second term with the bar set high. As well, the latter stages of the month played host to this year’s Grade 8 musical, as well as American Thanksgiving dinner and the art show.

December: December was a packed two weeks leading up to Winter Break. Two big events kicked off the month including the Concert For A Winter’s Eve, and the biggest event that the Fall term lives up to: Snowball. December 12 was the last day; the day of pre-vacation mega cleans, as well as Christmas dinners and house festivities to lead into the holidays.

The first term was busy and eventful, and no doubt memorable for all the students here. Here is to a great second term and the remainder of the school year going forward!

Jack P, Whittall ‘20

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