Term 3 Recreational Tennis at Brentwood

Thursday, March 10, 2022 - By: Owen S, Whittall ‘22; Photo by Mitchell K, Whittall '23

In the final term, some sports are in their competitive season: one of those sports just so happens to be tennis. However, I, for one, will not be partaking in the competitive tennis program, and that is DEFINITELY NOT because of my lack of ability, it is, uh, because I've got this knee thing - yeah, the knee thing for sure.

But if you are not a competitive tennis player - like myself - there is still lots of competition to be shared. Beat Captain Harbalneet N shares his thoughts on the competition in regular tennis this term: “I decided that I would rest my body for next year, at the junior tennis world championships, and although I have reduced my effort by 50% in order to give the others a chance, I have still have a fun and competitive time on the court.”

Although it is very early on, tennis has consisted of skills training, king of court matches, doubles matches, and a lot of mental games. On top of the excitement that tennis brings, due to the fact that it is an outdoor sport, the quality of the day is very reliant on the weather. So far sports days have consisted of nothing but sun and warmth, making tennis that much more enjoyable.

Ultimately, as a senior student at Brentwood, it is important that I stay present during not only sports but all that Brentwood has to offer, as I may not get the same time with friends on the tennis court again. I would not have wished for a better way to end off my time at Brentwood, than beating Ben “Bring it on” M on the court.

Owen S, Whittall ‘22

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