Tennis - You Only Live Once, But You Get to Serve Twice!

Saturday, October 03, 2020 - By: Damien B, Privett ‘21; Photo by Zoya M, Allard '21

These first two weeks have been an exciting start for tennis players at Brentwood. Thankfully, COVID has not had much of an effect on our activity and the weather has been delightful on campus, perfect for some quality time on the court. Despite the low likelihood of any immediate out-of-school sports competition, the students and staff are working harder than ever. This year is set to be much better than many first expected for Brentwood’s tennis program.

As a part of the competitive team, I have seen a great amount of enthusiasm and effort to improve from my teammates, and I regularly see the more casual players enjoying the sport just as much. As mentioned before, the weather has been marvelous - excluding two days of rain which caused us to play some “pickle-ball” on the wet courts. I wore sweatpants to a few of these sunny, cloudless practices and I can confidently say that I made a mistake in doing so. Hopefully, the sunny weather and clear skies stay for a few more weeks.

COVID has had little effect on tennis. We are instructed to enter through one doorway and sanitize before and after sport, and we practice social distancing. There are always a few students who forget the door they need to exit through, a mistake that results in a yell from Ms McLean: “Not that door.” she remarks, “It’s been two weeks of this!”

Some of the students who graduated from tennis last year are in online classes in their universities, and so they have been recruited as assistant coaches. I’m going to be very honest; they don’t do that much coaching. To be fair, they are only freshmen in college, but they hang out and play tennis with us. They definitely help with training, as we get the chance to engage with high-level players, and they are quite encouraging of us when we perform well. Overall, it’s a pleasure to see them back in school and helping us develop our tennis mastery.

Between the weather, the positive outlook on COVID, and the additional “staff” we have, I’m sure everyone in tennis is super excited to get into the groove of things this year. I know I am.

Damien B, Privett ‘21

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