Tennis Wins Gold and Silver at ISA’s

Thursday, May 12, 2011 - By: Jim.Ganley
Tennis Wins Gold and Silver at ISA’s

Last Thursday, the Brentwood Tennis team hosted both the boys’ and girls’ ISAs which featured teams from St. Georges, St. Michaels, Shawnigan, Southridge, Crofton House, and Queen Margaret.
Even though the weather delayed our starting time, the skies cleared up, and it was not until later in the day when the rain came in again. Fortunately, we were able to finish the tournament.

The girls’ team was hopeful to earn their 3rd consecutive gold at ISA’s. The first matches, against Shawnigan and St. Michaels, were 3-0 victories by Andjela S, Mariana P, Tara V, Kirsty M and Amanda M. The girls then defeated Crofton and QMS. Nicole P and Kelly R played decisive roles in these victories. With such tremendous results, the girls won ISA gold.

On the boys’ side, even though the goal was to improve on last year’s bronze medal performance, winning the tournament was definitely not out of the picture. It was a confident start as Conrad A, Connor S, Nat T, Andrew L and Raffy G defeated Shawnigan and St. Michaels 3-0. Later in the day, performances by Conrad, Andrew L and Raffy led to a victory over Southridge, 2-1. The match for gold came against, St. Georges, who were last year’s winners. Unfortunately, only Connor S and Raffy G were able to pull off a win, resulting in a very close loss, 1-2. Bronze in 2010; silver in 2011. Gold next year?

Brentwood now hosts the AA Island Championships. In order to proceed to the provincials in Vancouver, we will need to place in the top two.
Wish us the best of luck!

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