Tennis Volleys in the Fall

Saturday, October 08, 2016 - By: Vivian F, Hope ‘18; Photo by Zach L, Ellis '19

Last Friday the Brentwood tennis team hosted the year’s first tournament. Thirty Brentwood athletes assembled on the tennis court ready to compete with their opponent, Shawnigan Lake School. It was not only a tremendous event for players to demonstrate their skill, but also a valuable opportunity for tennis athletes to gather and connect. This day is what we had trained for.

Grit and Joy are the central ideas of the tournament and the sporting spirit shines on the tennis court. Players fight for their matches and delight in their efforts.

Aside from the tournament, the team also hosted a barbeque. The distinctive smell from the barbeque grill allures many Brentonians to watch the event and cheer for their peers. Grilled cheese and hot burgers add another layer of delicacy to the event. Many students are able to satisfy themselves with the taste of food, the excitement of the game and the company of good weather and pleasant music.

A special thank you to Mrs. McLean, and other tennis coaches, for this excellent event.

Vivian F, Hope ‘18 

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