Tee Off at Olympic View

Wednesday, May 10, 2017 - By: Luke A, Whittall ‘19

This past week, the Competitive Golf team made their way down to Olympic View Golf Course for the Annual Policeman’s Invitational Tournament. The grueling two day competition was prime time for Coach Robinson to fine tune his team for Islands later in June.

After a tough first day, Captain Xander A, Whittall ‘17 and Jack B, Rogers ‘17 led the charge to a 13th overall finish. Other contributors were Daniel W, Ellis ‘19 with a score of 89, and Aiden A, Whittall ‘18 with a 93.

This was the second tournament for the golf team, with the first one only days before at Arbutus Ridge. The team has been training hard since term 2 for Islands, and as the day grows near, Coach Robinson is struggling to create his team of five to reach provincials. The results from this past tournament will decide who that team will be, and that caused some nerves this past Tuesday as the team made it to Olympic View. 

After a hard day and a good night of rest, we were up at 5:30 to strut our stuff in our last chance to be chosen for Islands. With some impressive performances, the Golf team has a solid chance at Islands in June.

Luke A, Whittall ‘19

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