TEDx Is Back!

Tuesday, October 27, 2020 - By: Emily P, Mackenzie ‘22

TEDx is an event where live speeches are delivered to help inform others about progressive ideas. These cutting-edge observations can be life changing and we at Brentwood are fortunate enough to see these insights provided by our speakers each year.

With COVID, external speakers were not able to attend: so we modified the event. The event was shorter this year as, “We didn’t want everyone sitting in Zoom for two and a half hours” stated TEDx organizer, Mr McPherson. With this initiative, two academic classes were able run while still offering the Brentwood community the opportunity to attend.

TEDx was astounding with three student speakers: Hannah P, Alex ‘21, Eamon R, Privett ‘22, and Chiara L, Mack ‘21 speaking about a wide variety of topics such as Running for the Wrong Reasons, Introverts and Extroverts, and Allyship and Activism. Two faculty also spoke. First was Ms Davis expressing the importance of passion as modelled by her Zimbabwean Olympic dream, and next was Ms Murtland speaking about Craving Normal. Speaker Eamon R, Privett ‘22 described it as “A very nerve-wracking experience, but once I was up on the stage with the light shining on me I felt like I could say anything.”

This year's TEDx was the most unusual one. In former times, exceptional speakers such as leaders in their field, alumni, and numerous other captivating speakers have attended this remarkable event. Each year, this event brings the school together in different ways. Having more student speakers allows other perspectives to be heard while also being enlightened by our peers and teachers. Spectator, Maya V, Mackenzie ‘21 stated, “The first speech, on body image and issues, stood out to me. As a girl facing similar issues, I think it should be brought to light as it is so prevalent in the society we live in.” Mr Ganley added “Discussion about the issues raised by Hannah filled both my Saturday morning classes. It was really encouraging to see that kind of passion and concern.”

To end, Mr. Macpherson added, “I certainly appreciate the efforts made by our speakers to take on the challenge of presenting; it can be a very intimidating thing to stand on that red dot!”

Thanks to the speakers, Mr McPherson and all of the behind-the-scenes volunteers who made this event a great success.

Emily P, Mackenzie ‘22

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