Taking It to the Next Level

Sunday, January 20, 2019 - By: Phoebe H, Hope ‘19

Early in November Brentwood had two members of its Senior Girls rowing team receive scholarships to universities in the United States. Allulah-Beth C signed to the Oregon State University and Zoe M signed to the University of Minnesota: both schools were their top picks. The girls were lucky enough to share their day together and sign off in Mr Patel’s office, a long-standing Brentwood tradition. Both were so excited for signing day to come: “It was great that I was able to share that experience with Zoe” said Allulah-Beth.

Allulah-Beth has been a member of our rowing program for three years but has been a rower for much longer than that. A dedicated oarswomen, she decided to attend Brentwood in order to get a US scholarship for rowing. If possible, she could pursue two things she knew would bring her joy. AB was offered 6 official visits to universities, and out of those chose to visit the University of Massachusetts, University of Central Florida and Oregon State University. While she was touring Oregon, an offer was made but she decided to wait until she had seen all her options. Out of all the universities, this one spoke to her the most and she decided it would be the one for her. Allulah-Beth says “I hope to pursue rowing in my future and, fingers crossed, I make it to the Olympics.” With a strong future ahead of her, there is no doubt she will go places and we hope she makes it there too!

On the 6th of November Zoe M received the call she had been waiting for since she clicked submit on her applications to the University of Minnesota. Not only had she received early acceptance, she had also been awarded a full ride. Chances like this are what most seniors dream of. Zoe was lucky enough to be able to say yes to her top school too. As an active member of the rowing program and newly appointed Boathouse Captain, it was no surprise to us that a school would want to bring her in as an addition to their group. She will attend the school beginning in September as a full time student athlete whilst studying kinesiology.

Phoebe H, Hope ‘19

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