Taking a Trip to Kamloops: Girls Rugby 7’s

Friday, November 09, 2018 - By: Hannah P, Mackenzie ‘19; Photo by Jim Ganley

On Friday October 19, Brentwood’s girls rugby team departed to Kamloops for a 7’s tournament. The bus ride there was a heaping eight hours, with bus troubles along the way and an hour and a half dinner stop that was anticipated to only be forty five minutes. Despite the long drive, the girls arrived at the hotel in Kamloops safe and sound and ready to sleep. 

The team’s first game was on Saturday morning, when three of the ten girls got to play in their first ever rugby game, and did very well. In the starting lineup was Desola O, Hayley F, Kerry W, Abayah H, Onyi O, Maddy W, and Asia C, and throughout the game Hannah P, Arianna A, and Airi H were substituted in. The girls gave it their best, and learned a lot from that first game (which we won). We played three games that day, and impressed our coaches very much by winning two out of the three games and coming second in their category. 

On the last game of Saturday afternoon, two of the girls got injured, which was bad news to the rest of the team since that meant they now only had one sub. After the last game was finished, the girls went back to the hotel for some aquatherapy in the pool and then off to dinner. After dinner, the girls adventured into Kamloops to find a place to get snacks for the next day. 

Sunday morning came bright an early as the girls packed their stuff onto the bus and got ready to play rugby as they watched their breath float through the crisp air. The fields were draped with wet frost and freshly mowed grass that clung onto the bottom of everyone’s cleats. The team did their warm up, which was very much needed on that frigid morning, and prepared to play hard with two fewer players than the day before. We played two games that day, and although we put up a good fight, we ended up losing both. Sunday may not have been as successful, but that didn’t phase us; we had tried our very best. 

After the last game on Sunday, the girls piled into the bus (which now smelled of cleats and sweat) and picked up ten large pizzas before heading for the ferry. After the pizza disappeared, the only sound on the bus was snoring that came from some very tired teenage girls after a good weekend of rugby. 

Hannah P, Mackenzie ‘19

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