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Thursday, May 19, 2011 -

Gulls, otters, kingfishers, cormorants, seals, bald eagles, merganser ducks and swans paddle, bob and dive on the water just outside the Brentwood academic block.  The scene through my window as I write this is dizzying.  Crab and prawn fishermen pull up their traps amid the giggling cacophony of Dan Norman’s Outdoor Pursuits kayak/water polo game.  Rowers work on their starts and finishes beneath Mt. Baker’s towering presence.  Cindy Hardie’s sailing team struggles to find the wind today as they wobble to and fro, attempting to get their lasers and bytes out past the point.

On these shores are found possibility, beauty, effort, discovery and laughter.  Each of the thousand meters of oceanfront offers a glimpse of unparalleled opportunity.  This scene is a whispered message that we all need to try to take some time, each and every day, to stop, draw in a deliberate, unhurried breath, and be touched with deep appreciation for how lucky we all are to be involved with this amazing school.


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