Swinging into Spring - Brentwood Golf

Monday, May 22, 2023 - By: Dara M, Alexandra ‘25

As the days get longer and the foreseeable summer is tempting us, Spring Term Sports have begun their competitive season. Brentwood Golf kickstarted with two tournaments filled with new experiences and lots of sun. With a group of new and returning faces, everyone is aspiring to play their best to claim a spot on the competitive team.

Golf is a spring-term sport open to players of all skill levels. Differentiating from other school teams, Brentwood has a spot for beginner players who are looking to try something new. Mr Warner, golf coach, explains, “We have a wide range of players; students who are new to the sport can stand side by side with someone with a lot of golf experience and pick up tips from them. Over time, they use the opportunity to grow their knowledge of golf and develop their skills.”

As a sport where a slight club face change can lead to your ball spiralling out-of-bounds, golf is a sport that requires precision and a strong mental game. No matter what you make at the end of a hole, you get to restart on the next one to make up for it. In a 4.5 hour round, keeping your mental game and focus for all 18 holes is a challenge. Aside from the stress during tournaments, golf is a relaxing sport that is a great way to bond with friends and family while you take a walk through a course filled with amazing views of nature.

Brentwood Golf is hosted by our friends at the Cowichan Golf Club, with three stacked tee times per day along with range balls and short game areas. Players are given their choice to practice on the range or to go out and play nine holes with their buddies. Jayden N, Ellis ‘25, shares his thoughts, “It’s my first year in Brentwood’s Golf program. I think it's great. Everyone is really supportive and we’re able to help one another with swing technique and give advice on the course.” Between 1:45pm and 4:45pm, students spend a good amount of time every sports day to learn and understand more about golf and refine their skills. Everybody is encouraged to get out on the course to get an experience of a real round of golf, especially as these new players may be our next year’s competitive team players.  

The competitive team has played two tournaments so far in the season, the Victoria Police Tournament at Olympic View and ISAs at Squamish Valley. Avik B, Privett ‘23, comments, “I had a great time at ISAs – it was my first time in a real golf tournament and I was able to collect a lot of tips from Dara and Jagre so I felt prepared and had a lot of fun.” Players who were relatively new to the sport were able to come and compete at these tournaments and therefore gained more knowledge and experience on the sport. Mr Warner adds, “ISAs was a great opportunity for the kids who have played a lot of competitive golf to show their talent, along with a great experience for the kids who are breaking into the tournament golf realm. They all performed well and it was great to see them come out to compete at a new golf course with challenging greens. There were certainly good scores on day 2 that showed improvement over day 1.”

New experiences were acquired and good memories were made at these tournaments. Coming up soon are Islands and Provincials so wish the team good luck! In addition, there is a fun Staff vs Students round featuring Mr Patel in one of the top staff groupings. Jagre K, Privett ‘23, Golf Captain, finishes off, “Shoutout to Mr Warner for always keeping us in good spirits and reminding us to be nice!”

Dara M, Alexandra ‘25

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