Superb Spikeball Showdown

Monday, June 13, 2022 - By: Sebastian M, Privett ‘22; Photo by Donald V, Ellis '23

As the 2021-22 Interhouse season approaches its final events, the teams are all very eager to have a strong ending to the year. The race for the lead remains close, so these final two events are vital for teams to succeed in – the first of which was Interhouse Spikeball.

16 boys’ teams and 16 girls’ teams participated in a giant Spikeball tournament hosted on the turf field by the Foote. With each game played to 21, and a single loss putting you out of a shot at the title, teams had to be ready to rock-n-roll right out of the gate.

In recent years, Spikeball has gone from being essentially nonexistent to an extremely popular sport and hobby for young people. It is a very simple game, requiring only a net and a ball, and is now played in competitive leagues and tournaments all around the world.

During the sunny weather of third term, you can regularly find Brentwood students enjoying their leisure time on Gillespie field with some friends and a Spikeball net. For some, it is just a fun way to try something new, while for others, it can turn into a fully competitive series.

Oscar L, Ellis ‘22 is one of Brentwood’s Spikeball regulars, and he explained, “I am really looking forward to Interhouse Spikeball this year. We have been practicing a lot and it really is just such a fun game to play. I think our team has a good chance of winning the whole thing.”

Mackenzie and Ellis houses currently have an Interhouse streak of five years, but Hope and Privett currently hold a narrow lead in this year’s race. If they want to put an end to the five year streak then Spikeball is a very important event for them.

The Hope Interhouse Captain, Alex H, Hope ‘22 has had her eyes set on the Interhouse trophy since the start of the school year: “I feel like it is our responsibility this year, as the other three Interhouse teams, to make sure that Mack-Ellis doesn’t extend their streak to six years”.

In the end, Sebastian M & Nathan O, Privett ‘22 were victorious on the boys’ side, while Alana H & Alex H, Hope ‘22 took home the girls' side first place – two huge wins for team Hope-Privett. Both finals came down to the wire, as the Privett boys prevailed over Oscar L & Nate R, Ellis ‘22 in the finals 21-18, and the Hope duo won 21-19 over Sophie H & Sophie B, Mackenzie ‘22.

With track and field the last Interhouse event of the year, everyone will be holding their breath to see who will be crowned this year's champion.

Sebastian M, Privett ‘22

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