Sunny Days

Wednesday, September 29, 2010 -

What a September it has been here.  The wettest on record apparently.  I think it impacts adults more than young people.  As adults, we like to whine about things like rain and fog and clouds; we try to avoid the cold like it is the plague.  I look around the school campus and see kids walking in the rain, jumping into the ocean keen to splash around on cloudy days, hopping over and into puddles and giggling at the absurdity.  I love observing their unfettered joy and playful approach to life.

It was sunny today and really warm; an archetypal autumn day.  The teachers on campus have an extra skip to their step – almost like they have a new lease on life.  The kids? They must notice but it is hard to tell.  That is the great thing about our students.  With them it is about living in the now, not spending their days wishing and hoping.  I think they have it right.  Living in the now keeps us all young; even the fair-weather grown-ups among us.

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