Student Leadership

Friday, September 17, 2021 - By: Gavyn K, Privett ‘22; Photo by John Pettit

Throughout my Brentwood career, I have experienced the wonders of our tripartite program. Although that is what Brentwood is known for, the social aspect of Brentwood allows the school to be together as one. Despite different houses, different grades, and different goals from every individual student, Brentwood’s experience is unmatched.

For Brentwood’s program to work, of course, they need a healthy, flexible group of students ready to tackle anything in front of them. This group is named the SEC (Student Executive Council) led by a redheaded boy who announces, “I’m not sure how I ended up in the position I’m in, but I can assure you that this years going to be one for Brentwood to remember” Jacob H, Privett ‘22, Head Prefect. Jacob hopes to earn the trust from every student and staff member: “I’m certainly not perfect, but I hope that everyone has trust in me when I say I’m going to bring as much energy to the school as I can.”

The SEC includes Jacob, three Assistant Head Prefects (Academics - Will P, Athletics - Jocelyn L & Arts, Robin C) as well as Captains of the SAC, BEAT, B-WELL, OMNI, Grad Council, and our eight House Captains.

Privett’s House Captain Nathan O described his goal in the house for the 2021-22 school year: “I hope to unite the boys in Privett and turn roommates into brothers”. His goal for the year-long interhouse competition is intimidating: “Privett House is going to knock off any house in our way of this interhouse trophy. This year the trophy is ours. The consecutive 2nd places in the last five years shall come to an end.”

The 17 students leading this school this year are keen to serve and can’t wait for this school year to get into full swing.

Gavyn K, Privett ‘22

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