Strong (not Tough) on Sunday

Wednesday, September 20, 2017 - By: Megan A, Alex ‘18

This past Sunday the Grade 12s gathered in the Killy Theatre for ‘Strong not Tough’ Resilience training. Many de-stressing tactics useful for these upcoming months filled with university applications were learnt. Understanding how to deescalate situations through empathy and sympathy in the houses was one of the many useful skills we learnt. Hopefully these skills will be transferred to all the students in the school. We also focused on how to turn our negative thoughts into positive ones when we do badly on a test or something does not turn out the way we were hoping it would, a skill that many of the students in the school would benefit from learning. 

As the morning went on we were oblivious to the changing weather outside that put a damper on what would have been one of our first grad activities. The rain put a halt on our plans to head to a local swimming hole called the quarry. Although some of us were disappointed in this change in plans, we all were glad to be able to enjoy the first famous Brentwood Brunch and finish our training a few hours early to enjoy the rest of our Sunday, whether it was filled with the start of many university applications or enjoying a relaxing rainy Mill Bay afternoon. 

Megan A, Alex ‘18

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